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Greetings from the Laurel Counseling Page!

We hope you find this page helpful as we all navigate learning and growing through this time. Please feel free to connect with the Laurel School Counselors in regards to any needs you have (student or family) by emailing us or looking to Student Supports/Family Supports (at the Red boxes to the right.) 
Here are updates via our Weekly Newsletter 


Yoga Stretching with Mrs. Moss & Miss Miranda 04.20.2020

Come and join us with these three simple beginner Yoga Stretches - in the sun or inside!

Mindful Moments with Miss Miranda 03.19

Mindful Scavenger Walk -- Enjoy a moment on a walk with your very own created Scavenger hunt that helps keep you mindful during your walk and gives you the opportunity to get out and practice calm while giving your body/mind the exercise we need.

Mindful Moments with Miss Miranda 03.18

This will be the first of many video to help kids, students and families feel connected during our break-time/closures... Goal is to help connection, and grow our happy and healthy hearts and minds.

Welcome Video to Laurel Students!

This is a brief video to Laurel Students from Miss Miranda and Miss Darcey! The video is a friendly "hello", sharing of excitement to connect with students, and a brief sharing of the "pink packet" of SEL materials/and online check-in schedule that is available to all students. Plus some bloopers ! Ha!