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Student Supports

We are still here to help...


Our School Counselors are available to support students and families in the following ways:


Level 1: Support from Counselors (all students - universal supports)

We have our weekly schedule of online/or phone available check-in times: 

  • Weekly SEL content is linked HERE for students/families to access 
  • All of our online Community/Family resources of support are available on the right panel 
     or here: Community/Family Resources 

Level 2: Support from Counselors (Medium/Mid-range)

  • Routine and daily academic schedule support planning for students/families 
  • Resource/Family support in gaining access to information to mental health services/community based supports
To look at our Counselor's calendar to schedule a time to meet (1 on 1)
click this "JOY" picture
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*If your family is in need/or is interested in scheduling supports at this time with one of our School Counselors, please email [email protected] or call 541-988-2386 (and request a phone call from the Laurel School Counselor to schedule a time via phone)*


Level 3: Support from Counselors (Emergency/Crisis)

  • If a student or support of student is in crisis - Our School Counselor can support referring student/family to local agencies/supports
  • Student safety planning and support (with student/family) can be provided (online or via phone).


Reminder,  We are here and so very happy to help !