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Congratulations Students - End of Year Message from Miss Miranda & Mrs. Moss

Celebrate and congratulate yourselves Leopard and Bobcat Families! We did it! Another year has passed and we are so very proud of you! This is a special message for our students and families. We look forward to seeing you in the Fall!

Laurel Spirit Week 2020

Join us in dressing up for FUN, during our Laurel Spirit Week - June 1st-5th. Monday: Dress up for FUN (whatever brings you JOY) Tuesday: Sports Day Wednesday: Crazy Sock Day Thursday: Pajama Day Friday: Laurel Spirit Day (wear your laurel leopard or Junction City year)

Mindful Moments: Snack & Story-time with Mrs. Moss and Miss Miranda

Join us as Mrs. Moss makes us a healthy delicious snack and talks about the benefits of eating healthy, as well as in listening to Miss Miranda read us a story about Kindness, "What does it mean to be Kind?" By: Rana DiOrio and Illustrated by: Stephane Jorish

Yoga Stretching 2 with Mrs. Moss & Miss Miranda 05.12.2020

Join us as we practice "Bubble Breathing" and 3 simple Yoga stretches: Cat, Cow and Puppy. Taking a break to breathe and be mindful with our bodies, can help us lead our brains to a better day!

Mindful Moments - SEL Handouts with Miss Miranda and Mrs. Moss

Today Miss Miranda and Mrs. Moss are taking the time to go through a day of SEL handout use, a "How to" with our SEL handouts, and the importance of taking a break using these handy little buggers :)

Mindful Moment with Lucy & Miss Miranda (How to bathe a puppy!)

Sometimes we all need a bath... Today Lucy did, and just in time so that we could all learn how to bathe a puppy together! Get your puppy bathing supplies, plenty of yummies so that you can distract your puppy into liking a bath!

Mindful Moments with our School Counselors, reading, "I Am Love" by Susan Verde

Mindful Moments - Rainy day story time with Mrs. Moss and Miss Miranda <3 This one really warmed our hearts and was great to read at this time of our lives <3

From Seed to Sunshine: Planting with Miss Darcey & Miss Miranda

Come and plant with us in the sunshine. Learn some facts about planting, flowers & seeds, with our smiling faces! These plants will be gifts for May Day!!! Will you plant and gift for May Day too?!

Heart walk with Petey

We are on an adventure to find as many hearts as we can today! Please join us for a walk around the neighborhood to find hearts that our neighbors are putting up to show they care! How many hearts can you find?