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At Home Instrument Kit Lesson!

K-4 Music Activity


  1. Click on the Video Tab and Watch 1st video on how to access all the materials/websites for our Instrument kit lesson. 
  2. (If you can and are able) Print the materials for our at home instrument lesson and instructions. There will be instructions on alternatives in the 2nd video! 
  3. Watch the 2nd video of our instrument kit lesson!  :)
  4. After watching the video, try it yourself and follow the instructions provided in the video! 
  5. Email Mr. Rivera on any questions you might have on this lesson!
  6. Send Mr. Rivera Videos and/or pictures of you and your musical creations and you playing along to your favorite song! 


K-4 Music Activity
  1. Click on the BINGO card link to the right on the Music homepage to see the BINGO card!
  2. Watch the video of Mr. Rivera saying hello and explaining the instructions to our musical BINGO game! :)
  3. Complete all the music activities on the BINGO card to get a BLACKOUT!
  4. Ask a grown up to take pictures of you completing some of the tasks on the BINGO card! (I would love to share pictures of you all being musical on the music page!) 
  5. Send an email to Mr. Rivera at when you are all done with all the tasks and have gotten a blackout!
***The first 30 students to complete the bingo card activity and email Mr. Rivera will be awarded special prizes from Mr. Rivera!*** 

Musical Bingo video and instructions and more!

Here I am going through instructions on our first musical activity and a little bit more info about the different activities on the BINGO card :)