Our School » Welcome Back to Laurel Elementary 2020-2021

Welcome Back to Laurel Elementary 2020-2021

GoGuardian Tech Support Family Video

In the video link below contains a recorded support video session that helped families who use personal devices, rather than district-issued devices, to access Distance Learning.  If you are struggling with some setups, or need general help, please watch the video.  If you have more questions, please call your school's number to be directed to the right support person in our district. 
Tech Support Family Video Link
Inclement Weather and/or Air Quality Concerns - Contingency Plan for Materials Distribution
Given the air quality and uncertainty of weather tomorrow (rain and possible thunderstorms) we may need to adjust our meet and greet plans Thursday and Friday. Your grade level scheduled time will not change, but staff may not be waiting outside for families. When you arrive at school, please look for signage and staff members who will direct you to the meet and greet location. If the weather conditions are stable, we will follow our original plan that is posted on the website.

The 1st - 4th Plan:
*Access the school using 14th Street.
*Arrive at Laurel during your scheduled “Meet and Greet” time.
*Enter the car line that goes through the pool parking lot and loops around to the front of the school. 
*Pull forward past the flagpole.

Depending on the weather condition at the time of your session, you may be asked to exit your car or remain in your car. Please be ready to follow staff directions. If directed to exit your car, please wear your mask and maintain social distancing. Due to safety issues, congregating in front of the school will not be allowed.

If we need to use an indoor location, we will use our lobby area.

The Kindergarten Plan: 
*Families will follow the original plan and use the gravel parking area. A staff member will meet and invite families in the building one at a time. Please be sure to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer and follow physical distancing requirements.