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Do What is Doable.

In this new, unprecedented time of Distance Learning there is a totally different level of stress and anxiety.  We are worried about the health and safety of our families.  We are worried about finances, jobs, and making ends meet.  We are worried about educating our children.  Wow!!!  This is really hard.  This needs to be acknowledged.  We are not always fine and stress is the norm more than not.

          I want you to know that we get it.  I am with you 100% and I am working hard to prevent adding to your already high stress levels.  As a result, I have implemented the motto:  “Do what is doable”.  There are no underlying rules that say everything must get done.  None of us have experience in this mode of our new normal.  So, just do what you can do in regards to your family’s needs.  Don’t sweat it when things don’t go as planned.  Be kind to yourselves when chaos reigns.  Celebrate when something goes right.  Most importantly be there for each other.  I am here for you and want to help.  Take it one day at a time and give yourself a break.  You’ve got this, and we’ve got you. 

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