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Speak Your Kind Week Sept. 22-29th

Speak Your Kind Week September 22-29th

This is a week dedicated to spreading more kindness in our schools, homes, workplaces and communities, with the intention of impacting the world. How do we participate? Simple and easy! Gather your family, friends, co-workers, church groups, anyone and everyone is invited 1. Participate in our... a. Family Scavenger Hunt - to connect with your Kids through Kindness - teach your kids the value of Kindness through action (will be sent home with students) b. Community Scavenger Hunt - Join thousands of individuals across the nation to create Kindness within our communities - your church, your workplace, with your friends - in community and connection with others 2. Or Join our local schools in Junction City in Kindness by: • Talking with your children/students/families about the Kindness they are creating at school • Brainstorming and planning ideas about how to be Kind to teachers and other students at school • Talking with them about their “Be Kind Bingo” activity at School • Performing acts of Kindness in/around/with the School(s) • POSTING and supporting ALL KIND actions/activities via social media to o Facebook - @Speak Your Kind o Instagram - @speakyourkind.18 or #speakyourkind Scavenger Hunt(s) and materials that the schools will be using (mentioned above) will be distributed at schools and are available for simple & easy access via this google-drive link: JC Speak Your Kind Week 2019 Connect your Kindness with the Speak Your Kind organization at

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Principal: Nadira Rizkallah

March 2019
Laurel’s staff and students just celebrated their achievement of their goal to make 5000 acts of kindness in one month. Miss Miranda challenged the Laurel community to meet this goal, and we exceeded this goal and made 5222 acts of kindness. The whole school participated in the Kids Kind Fest last week and got to embrace this huge achievement by celebrating with friends and staff. What a great way to help our students see how they can contribute to making the world a better place through kindness. Please help me congratulate Miss Miranda for such a great impact on our kids and the community as a whole.
Laurel’s Vision focus of the month is “Responsible Citizens.” As a Laurel community, we all want our children to grow up to be responsible citizens. We encourage them to learn to think and act with respect for themselves and for other people. While we teach them to pursue and care for their own well-being, we also urge them to be considerate of the needs and feelings of others. We place a great emphasis on how our actions contribute to building our school culture, and that in order to keep our culture positive, we need to be thoughtful about our own impact on the community.      
On February 7th, the Parent Advisory Committee joined Principal Rizkallah, to launch and support our Attendance Campaign. With the help of Superintendent Kathleen Rodden-Nord, Erika Vaughn, Daniel Pozos, and parents Lani Smith, Nikita Guth and Mark Christinsen, we called close to 70 families of students who have exemplary attendance to ask for their support in this campaign. Families were offered a menu of options they can choose from such as posting positive messages about attendance on social media, carpool with kids who may not have a ride to school, or offer help and support to families who are finding it hard to establish routines in the morning. We received an overwhelming positive response from each of the families we called. If you are interested in joining this effort, please contact our front office and let us know!
We are so excited to be running our third annual Spelling Bee for Students 1st-4th grade. There is nothing like seeing kids get excited about learning new words in a fun and enriching way. A big thank-you goes out to our magnificent volunteer Jackie Peterson for organizing this event from A-Z. The kids will be competing on April 11th.
Warmest Regards,
Mrs. Rizkallah