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Principal: Nadira Rizkallah

October 2019
All Laurel teachers participated in parent/teacher conferences on October 24th and 25th. Many of our students and their families had the opportunity to review students’ progress thus far and take time to set goals and discuss future growth.  

We have started practicing our safety drills to put emphasis on safety procedures. Fostering a safe learning environment is in the core of the Laurel’s vision and we are focusing on teaching this concept throughout the month of October, and in the months to come. In addition to fire, earthquake, lockdown/lockout, and evacuation drills, we are also using drills to practice room clears. A room clear involves moving students and staff from a certain unsafe location to a safer location.  Examples of unsafe or emergency situations may include medical emergencies, natural disasters, water/gas leak, or unsafe and aggressive student behavior. We have come up with a “buddy system” that identifies the location that each classroom will go to should a room clear be performed. Our Positive Behavior Support Team came up with a universal signal and plan that each classroom uses when a room clear is needed.  

At Laurel, social emotional learning is an important part of student growth and development. We talk about friendship, compassion, and care for one another. We explain that a safe learning environment is the right of each and every student and that we are all responsible to make sure we contribute to such environment. This year, we will continue this focus on social emotional learning through additional staff training using a new tool designed to collect data and provide interventions for students called DESSA.  

Finally, everyone is invited to participate in the Harvest Festival held in the Laurel GYM on October 31st. Our parent group is hosting this fun activity and hoping to provide kids with a fun way to celebrate the season while earning some prizes and playing games with their peers and teachers. All students and staff are encouraged to dress up in Harvest-themed costumes and show Fall spirit. We invite you to join us in this fun celebration. 

Warmest Regards,

Nadira Rizkallah