Ms. Dodge


Week of April 20th - April 24th 

      This week we are starting our Google Classroom. Click on the link below "Mrs. Dodge's Google Classroom" and you will be brought to another page and then click the link again. I have the weekly packet and parent newsletter posted as a PDF that you can print off too. 

      The packet does not need to be turned in. This is for your student to use as practice during the week. On the Google Classroom there will be "check-in's/quizzes" for me to see how the distant learning is going. 

     Please e-mail me anytime and I will call you or e-mail you back. I'm sure there will be lots of questions and troubleshooting this week being our first week using the Google Classroom. I'm happy to help!

   Mrs. Dodge 


Zoom Class meetings:  Thursdays 10:00-10:30

*I'll send the invite code/password Thursday mornings

Pre-K-6 Literacy Curriculum | Wonders | McGraw-Hill
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Zearn Math Overview - YouTube
Click the Zearn image to log into Zearn
Doug Peltz on Science Education and Mystery Science - The ...
Click on the Mystery Science image to get fun lessons!


Don't Stress Do Your Best

We know that learning Google Classroom is new and can be stressful. For this week of April 27th- May1st please help your student complete what you can. We understand that this might look different for each family. Please e-mail your teacher if you are having trouble logging into Google Classroom. We are flexible about the due dates you see on Google Classroom. If it is challenging to complete the work during the week feel free to use the weekend to catch up. We MISS your students greatly and are looking forward to seeing their completed work on Google Classroom.