Mrs. Wilcox



4th grade recognition is today from 4:30-6:00.  Please drive through with your child so they can receive their certificate, gift, and shirt.  We also want to be able to celebrate and honor them.  Hope to see you tonight.

Important end of year information

  • Friday, May 29, 8 am- 4 pm- All day pick up for student belongings and packets 
    • We are doing aciivities around our Outdoor School theme next week, so we recommend that EVERYONE comes to pick up a packet--leftover packets will be sent home by bus the following Tuesday like normal, but student belongings will not
  • June 1-5- Spirit Week--encourage your child to dress up, take a photo and email it to me! I will make a collage of all the students to post for the class :)
    • Monday-Dress Up, Tuesday-Sports Day, Wednesday-Crazy Socks, Thursday- Pajama Day, Friday- Laurel pride day
    • A video will be sent out this week with more info!
  • Tuesday, June 2, 11 am - Last Class meeting--We will do our end of the year/summer birthday celebration. Students can join the meeting with their favorite stuffed animal/pet and their favorite snack!
  • Wednesday, June 3, 4:30-6 pm- 4th Grade Recognition Drive-Up Style~ 4th grade send off gift and recognition certificate.  Decorate your car with your child's name
  • Friday, June 5- no packet pick up
  • Monday, June 8, 8:00-4:00 - collect belongings, receive end of year packet materials, and turn in Chrome books, chargers, and any library books students have at home-there will also be another send off gift distributed to ALL students at Laurel today
  • Wednesday, June 10 - Last day of school!

Returning work to teachers

April 24, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Beginning April 13, your student has been assigned work to support learning and practicing targeted skills in three subjects: Reading, Writing, and Math.  Of the work your student does, specific assignments are marked as needing to be turned in, so we can assess your student’s progress, better support their academic growth, and track their work completion.  

There are multiple ways to turn in student work. Please choose the option that works best for your family.

  1. Google Classroom:  If your child is using Google Classroom, assignments can be submitted electronically any day of the week.  

  1. E-mail:  If your child is using paper packets and you are able to scan or take a picture of your student’s work, you may email it to your child’s teacher any day of the week.

  1. At Laurel’s packet pickup:  When you arrive on Fridays to pick up your packet, you can turn in completed work.

  1. In the breezeway between the main building and the kindergarten building:  Completed work can be placed in the grade level bins on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 7:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.   

If your child is turning in work electronically, paper copies are not required.  If your child is working out of paper packets, please keep in mind that only the pages marked “turn in” need to be returned.  All other work supports the development of skills and knowledge.  

Please reach out if you have questions or need assistance turning in student work. Thank you for all you do to support your student’s education! 

Laurel Teachers

Turning in assignments in Google Classroom

Please watch this video on how to turn in work in Google Classroom.

How to get to our Google Classroom

Please watch the video for different ways to access out Google Classroom.

Please join us at our next classroom meeting Tuesday, April 14 at 11:00.  I will send out an email with the link just before the meeting and post it on our Google Classroom as well.  Hope to see you all then.

Hello everyone,
I wanted to let you know that there are many new materials and assignments on our Google Classroom.  You have all next week to complete those tasks, but check them out.  Have a good weekend!
Mrs. Wilcox

Hi Everyone,

The 4th grade team is trying to get math materials out to students for the new upcoming lessons that will be starting next week, and it would be really helpful if you are able to come to one of the distribution times this week to pick them up along with the supplemental packets. The days and times are below.

Monday April 6th, between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm
Thursday, April 9th, between 4:00pm and 6:00pm.

● Enter the car line that goes through the pool parking lot and loops around to the front of the school.
● Do not get out of your car, a staff member will meet you at the curb at a 6 ft. distance.
● Tell this staff member how many packets you need for which grade level(s) and the math materials for your 4th grade child.
● Pull forward to the curbside in front of the flagpole.
● Another staff member will deliver the packets and materials to your vehicle.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!

Please click on the link to the right titled "Office Hours" for information on how to best reach me.

Hey, I wanted to encourage you to still write me letters.  I have received some letters and have written back.  My address was sent out in an email about a week ago, so your parents can check for it there.  Hoping to hear from all of you at some point.  If you want to continue writing, I will write you back each time.  Have a great weekend.     Mrs. Wilcox

I am so excited that I was able to see some of you in our classroom chat.  If you were't able to make it today, don't worry.  We will do it again soon.  I miss you all and hope that you are taking advantage of being with your families.